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Sunday Services 10:20 am

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HumbercrestUC We pray for the family and community of Kane Manitoba impacted by the horrible fire that took the lives of 4 boys.
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HumbercrestUC Council meeting tonight at 7 pm
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HumbercrestUC A reminder that we are under an extreme cold alert tonight. If you see someone on the street needing shelter call #311 or 911 if emergency!
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HumbercrestUC This Sunday join us for Lent 2 - Let There Be Dark! http://t.co/VTL0TY8GAc
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Join Us this Lent Season

Regular Sunday worship:  10:20 am

Good Friday worship, April 3: 11:00 am

Easter Sunrise, April 5 (Etienne Brule Park if ice floe recedes): 6:30 am

Easter worship, April 5: 10:20 am 

Throughout these Lenten days and nights

We turn to walk the inward way,

Where meeting Christ,

Our guide and light,

 We live in hope ‘til Easter Day.


 After indulging in a feast of pancakes and sausage on Mardi Gras (Shrove Tuesday – February 17) our season of Lent begin with Ash Wednesday (February 18).  The word “Lent”, is derived from the Old English word lencten,  which means spring, and refers to the lengthening of daylight hours which we experience during spring in the Northern Hemisphere.  What a wonderful way to think about this season – spring.  No matter when we begin Lent (the date changes year to year), it is always winter.  Trees are bare, the ground is cold, everything appears to be dead, but we know that underneath that cold ground, inside those tree branches, new life is beating.  Spring brings everything around us back to life.  That is what Lent does for our souls – brings us back to fuller life.

However you choose to prepare for the coming of Easter during the 40 days of Lent, whether by fasting, through prayer, study, outreach or worship, we hope that you will find this a time of growth and reflection that brings deeper meaning to your spiritual journey and helps you feel the pulse of new life and new hope coming alive within you.  May this be a day-by-day, step-by-step journey to help you open up to God’s love for you, and open up your love for others.

 Join us this Lent, and walk with us on the path to fuller life.  All are welcome!















Mission Statement

A welcoming and inclusive church; we walk with Christ through changing times with faith and hope.


Mon, Mar 2nd - 7:00pm
Planet Matters
Tue, Mar 3rd - 9:15am
Seniors Yoga
Wed, Mar 4th - 7:15pm
Scottish County Dancing
Fri, Mar 6th - 10:00am
"Just for Men"
Sun, Mar 8th - 12:00am
Annual General Meeting
Tue, Mar 10th - 9:15am
Seniors Yoga
Tue, Mar 10th - 7:30pm
UCW Unity Group
Tue, Mar 17th - 9:15am
Seniors Yoga
Fri, Mar 20th - 10:00am
"Just for Men"
Mon, Mar 23rd - 7:30pm
Book Discussion
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